Vitae Propositum

Greetings, and welcome to my site about my new Graphic Novel Project: Vitae Propositum!

Before beginning to even explain what this project will be about, I’ll first start to explain how I came to the decision of naming my first serious Graphic Novel project. At first, I pondered on a Latin catchphrase because I’ve been a 4-year Latin student for a while (though I’m far from what you’d call an expert). The former name of my novel was going to be ‘Pacis Eternus’, meaning ‘Eternal Peace’. However, after careful consideration, I decided that it would be more appropriate to name it something more applicable to the story concept so that it would ultimately tie up all the loose ends at the story’s conclusion.

‘Vitae Propositum’ was thought up because it was the most basic yet fitting name I could think of. The underlying theme of my entire project consists of my own philosophical ideas on the meaning of life. While I knew that it would be a very intricate subject to tread on, what better, more appropriate name would there be than ‘The Meaning of Life’ itself? Thus, the Latin ‘Vitae Propositum’ came to being, and I found myself rather pleased with the tone of its ring.

I first came upon the base plot of my novel while sitting in my ‘Ancient and Medieval Philosophy’ class on a lecture about Thomas Aquinas’ “Summa Theologica’, where he discusses Man’s Purpose. Although Aquinas’ views differ greatly from my own, I had thought up a plot that tied in with his basic ideas, but conclusively led up to my own dismissive ideas towards Teleology. However, this is all the information as of yet that I will release, since I don’t want to give away the entire plot… yet.

So that is the meaning of ‘Vitae Propositum’, as well as the ideas and influence under my project, I will hopefully start to release some of the character designs soon, but before I start to seriously construct the storyboards and artwork around VP, I plan on releasing a 15-20 page Pilot Chapter as a sample of my work, which I’ve named ‘Fabulae Orsa’. Further details will the posted soon!

As I have a few months to work on this, I’ll regularly be updating this with inspiring artists, and updates of my progress! Thanks for tuning in!


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