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First of all, I know that it’s been a while since I posted anything – you’ll have to excuse me but summer classes wore me out. I decided to take a break after those quick 3 weeks and instead worked tediously (what?) on my side Project, “Trinity Scar”, on RPG Maker VX – a retro video game-making program (I know, I’m pretty nerdy.). Perhaps when I’m done (which will probably be never since I started this project back in 2008 and am still only 30 minutes of gameplay into it) I’ll post a demo onto the blog, even though it shares no real relevance to either of my projects.

In any case, I wanted to let you know that – firstly, I have NOT been slacking. In fact, I’ve been drawing in my spare time (occasionally) and am uploading a few images for you guys to see right now. These all deal with the Fabulae Orsa prequel, and I’ve made changes to the Fabulae Orsa page too. I was brainstorming and decided to change a few quick things.

This post assumes that you’ve at least skimmed through the Fabulae Orsa subpage on the menubar, so if you haven’t done that you’re probably not going to understand half of what I’m talking about. So, aside from my tangents, let’s get on with the sketches because I have a few things to say about them (actually, I have a lot but for the sake of the post, I’ll keep this as short as possible).

This was one of the first sketches I started when I first sat down. It’s somewhat messy, but the ideas on this page was basically forming the environment and landscape around the futuristic world, Praeclarus Ager. Now, I’m no sci-fi junkie (though I have nothing against them – I like Star Wars.) but I think I did pretty good getting my ideas on paper.

Just in case it’s hard to tell, I’ll explain right now that the gigantic, colored, diamond figure to the left is the basical idea of PA. Like I explained, it’s divided into two parts, top and bottom. Obviously the earthly bottom would be inhabited by the poor while the upper level is inhabited by technology and the “wise”.

Since I pictured a futuristic world, I tried to look into renditions of landscapes and buildings done by other people. I found some really neat things and have listed some of them on the top right corner for you guys.

Praeclarus Ager’s top half is known as Caelus, or “Sky”. I wanted it to look like a very technologically-driven city scene. It has very tall builidings, lots of skyscrapers, and is very busy. Business takes place up here, even for the meager Ordinavi, so it’s inhabited by lots of people during the day. The railways and roads are placed everywhere for convenience, many reaching above the ground like roller coasters – this idea was neat because these spiraling highways are both for the people’s convenience (and maybe even their pressing nature) and for the beauty of their new-age technology with which they have become so reliant on.

Personally, I liked the train stations design the most. I grabbed the idea from a proposed skyscraper design in Dubai known as the Anara Tower (which you can see here), implementing the different level sky gardens in the tower as separate train stations, with the gigantic windmill fan substituted by a clock instead, as all people rushing to get somewhere would need one. Since the Anara Tower was never finished as the project was cancelled in 2009, I want to try making a parallel universe where it is one of the prominent buildings of Caelus.
As I noted before, I’m no sci-fi fan, but I still watch them (even the new Star Trek movie). However, I can undoubtedly say that I’m NOT a car fan. I don’t mind even know how to drive and I’m almost 22,so I’m definitely not interested in them. However, this project gave me a different perspective on them. I knew I was going to have to think up some car ideas and sketch them out, and I dreaded the idea. But when I started drawing them, I didn’t look half as bad as I thought it would. In fact, I’d say they were pretty successful.

Although I was looking at numerous references online, I tried to implement many of my ideas into these designs and picture them in the world of Caelus.

The only one that didn’t turn out as well is the automatic doors, which I thought were really cool at the time. I got a lot of these ideas by looking at the designs of cars on websites and images such as Next Concept Cars, the Aptera Prototype, 2015 Mercedes Benz, and various Ferraris (basically car names that I knew of, but in a futuristic twist).

Finally, I’ve also got a concept of the people and mainly their fashion. Though humans do change physically, as I’ve learning in Anthropology course over the summer, we don’t change over a fast period of time, so small changes can barely be noticed over the years. That’s why I’m sticking with normal human proportions (meaning no elf ears, hybrids, etc.). Keep in mind that this is NOT what the artwork in my novel will be like, it’s just a few sketches.

Firstly, I’m thinking of a icon, or crest, for Praeclarus, which is what it at the top. It’s supposed to be a three-tier crest for each of the three classes. But after looking at it for a while I thought that it might look strange, and implemented the idea into the emblem on the lower right, each symbolizing a class.

I also wasn’t sure what the people of the future would wear – and I definitely wasn’t thinking of spandex or Tron. Though Technology is important, I wanted them to still look thrifty and fashionable to our eyes. The Ordinavi were easy for me to think of. Since they live in a underground, natural environment I wanted to give them a little bit of their new age technology in their clothes (assuming they bought them in Caelus), thus was born the idea of fiber optic clothing! I was actually disappointed to see what fiber optic clothing had been invented thus far, none of them looking particularly appealing to me personally. But you win some and lose some – this could be a new-age fashion statement. It’s sometimes good to keep things interesting and different, and I think Fiber Optics look neat still.

In any case, sorry for such a long post, hope I didn’t bore you! I’ll try to keep up to date!

A few things left on my to-do list in terms of the blog is to (1) Create the banner (2) Draw out the Wallpaper, the latter of which requires that I have drawn out and familiarized myself with all the character designs for not only Fabulae Orsa, but also Vitae Propositum (I’ve got my idea behind it since way before I started this blog).

See you next time! 🙂


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