Fabulae Orsa

As the Pilot Chapter, ‘Fabulae Orsa’ would be the most suitable name for my project. It comes from the Latin terms ‘Beginning’ and ‘Story’, literally translating as ‘The Beginning of the Story’. It seems pretty plain to me, but isn’t it funny how things sound more interesting and classy when it’s written in another language? Not to mention the dead language: Latin. Something about it seems almost rejuvenating.

But I’m veering off topic, in terms of content and plot concept, the title seems somewhat refined and applicable, as I plan on making this 20-page short story based on Plato’s ideal society, as he described in The Republic.

According to Plato, the best form of government is something similar to an Oligarchy. While the idea seems medieval to us, he describes thoroughly in detail why and how this government would work. Again, without giving away plot elements essential to my story, I’ll just end off by saying that Plato is convinced that while his government is a perfect, ideal solution, he claims that no form of government will last forever. Eventually every type of government will fall.

Keeping this in mind, I’ll wrap my plot around Plato’s ideal society, ruled by the Philosopher King, as described in The Republic. Hopefully, the conclusion will help tie in to Vitae Propositum’s plot as well. So please look forward to upcoming artwork detailing the character designs of my Pilot Chapter, Fabulae Orsa.


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