Spotlight On: Alice Duke

Three words: Green and Brown.

Apart from her classy name, Alice Duke has been as artsy as they come. She is a freelance illustrator with fantastic skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, and drawing.

Most of the subjects of her work include “imaginary animals, lasers, transforming humans”, and folklore. She definitely uses a lot of visual textures, and mythological inspiration.

Her main focus is “book illustration, video game concept art, visualization for films, character/creature design, posters, sequential work, private commissions”.

Slime DragonMost of her pictures seem Photoshop-oriented and have a recreational concept.

I absolutely adore her use of natural colors. It may be because I myself am a fan of these colors that I like them, but they are very appealing to me. The way she draws her paintings by pencil first is also very similar to my own style as I’m not too well adapted to the Wacom tablets. As she claims in the mini-biography, she’s very into folklore and mythology, and a lot of her creativity seems to revolve around interpreting them in her own way. I’m also very similar to her in this way, in particular to Greek mythology and philosophical ideas.

More importantly, she also has a link to her character designs and illustrations for a graphic novel, which is exactly what I inspire to do.

She really seems to like using that wave-like spirals and lines as a texture and movement in her compositions, and it’s similar to the spiral leaves design that I do too, which is another reason I liked her. A lot of her work has nature in their theme, which is probably why there’s so much green and brown. She has twisted wood branches, tigers, people, and a lot of fantasy creatures as her subjects. However, she also has very creative ideas incorporated on her figures, as well as a nice texture.

Her humans also look like they’re taken from fashion illustration art models and cartoons, a approach that I’m trying to take when I develop my graphic novel.


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