Delayed Update and LAUNCH!

Sorry for the terribly but unintentional late post, but there has been substantial progress on my part ever since the semester started!

I’m working on page 27 of Fabulae Orsa as of now, and I will be continuing on to get things done quickly! I have a total of 62 pages to complete (including master/colored art pages), so that would it 27/62 complete – about 45%, right? But that’s only as far as the ‘drawing’ part goes.

I hadn’t really planned on it either, but apparently I’m to have my own solo show sometime in the end of the semester – which means I REALLY have to crack down on the drawing now!

So in case you haven’t known yet, I’ve also already done a quick few tinkering on the first few pages I’ve drawn, inked in, scanned, and toned on Photoshop CS5. The link to the Fabulae Orsa web comic is posted here.

These will be, more or less, what most of the pages will look like. I’m hoping that I’ll undergo substantial progress and technique improvement as the time doing these pages goes on. Maybe I’ll even be able to see the progress myself (I’m a pessimist though, so I doubt it). Even so, I hope you guys enjoy! With the trouble exception of classes, as soon as I find the time I’ll have a lot of other things up soon too!