Hello, welcome to my blog, where I post my latest artworks and ideas. You can also visit my portfolio online here.

I’m currently working on getting my BA degree in Fine Arts, with a Studio Art concentration and Art History minor, at Christopher Newport University. A lot of my artwork is conceptual and are influenced by cyber-culture, video games or Asian Culture.

Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself by my pen name, Aristeia. It comes from the Greek word ἄριστος (Aristos), meaning ‘the Best’ or ‘Excellence’. While it may sound overly empowering or egocentric, the idea behind it comes from my interest in Greek Philosophy, mythology, and the refined ancient ideas of Aristocracy in particular.

However, aside from my pen name, I’d like to introduce myself to my readers as a current college undergrad at Christopher Newport University. Needless to say, I’m pursuing an education in Fine Arts, and hope to someday go on to Grad School in pursuit of a Masters in Fine Arts for Graphic Design or Animation.

As far as my artistic abilities go, I’ve always enjoyed creating comics in imitation of those of Japanese manga-ka, or comic artists. During my High School years, I started an amateur manga which I co-authored with a friend of mine called Saishuu Odori, the ‘Final Dance’. However, I drew a good 200 or so pages of it for a year or so without inking anything in properly and soon left that absent-plotted tale in pursuit of more serious ideals.

That being said, I’ve refined my style a lot since grade school and hope to someday become an original graphic novelist with my own distinct art style – none of those huge-eyes, insane hair, ditzy anime character nonsense. Since I’m also interested in more proportional human anatomy in my drawings, I try to distinguish a style that walks the fine line between anatomically correct yet comical at the same time. It sounds hard, doesn’t it?

I may feel overwhelmed and overly hypocritical of myself, but it just pushes me to do better – and to always get back up, even after sitting down for so long. A good, long break is sometimes worthwhile.

I’d like to think that of the many generations of my family, I’m one of the few who have gone to great lengths to pursue my liberal arts interests. Like many artists, I’ve taken a liking to creating artwork ever since I was a child. Because I consider myself a very crafty person, I enjoy making artwork that is more conceptual. I try to convey deep meanings in most of my works, with hidden or double meanings being the best. I find that I mostly enjoy thinking up whimsical and witty concepts to accompany my work just so I can explain them to an audience and make them understand the feelings and hard thoughts that I put into my work.

To me, being a Graphic Novelist to me doesn’t only mean drawing a comic book. It is also about creating a conceptual story and making it come to life through depicted art storyboards. In this sense, I’m an artist who focuses not only on pictures but also with words. Most of the concepts I like to wrap into my artwork involves the ideas of love, existentialism, the material world, and various other philosophical ideas. I’m influenced by people such as Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Nietzsche, and various other Philosophers.

I’m also a huge fan of fables, fantasy worlds, cyberculture, and fashion illustration. Many of my influencing artists include fashion illustrators. I enjoy aesthetically pleasing elements to my human proportions, and find that I enjoy similar styles by other artists as well. (But I also enjoy unique art styles as well, so I’m not that prejudiced!)

As far as medium goes, I favor oil pastels for painting more refined and universal subject matters, but I typically like hard edges and precise, clean-cut artwork so I tend to work with the good ol’ pen and ink in my graphic designs. Poster paint is also a favorite of mine, surprisingly. (It’s friendly yet opaque, and helps me with some of my more minimalist paintings.) Since much of my artwork involves meticulous details that consumes a lot of time and effort, I tend to lean with pens and detail brushes.

I prefer to listen to music while I work just to drown out all the other sounds around me in order to get my productivity running. I enjoy getting “into the groove” of creating art and just spending time working on a particular piece for hours; It is, without a doubt in my mind, the best feeling in the world.As stated before, I inspire to become a graphic novelist and hope to someday be able to work on my own graphic novels, not only by drawing them, but by also writing them as well.

To start off simply, I’d like to say that I think in a more two-dimensional manner than I do three-dimensional. As far as three-dimensional work, one of the things I love making is paper craft. Although it started off with simple Origami, I’ve started to look into paper craft in general, and have found several artists that might serve as inspiration for a few future pieces. I am very interested in creating faux three-dimensional works.

Because I consider myself a very crafty person, I enjoy making artwork that is both functional and conceptual. I try to convey deep meanings in most of my works, with hidden or double meanings being the best. I also enjoy making functional pieces of work, as well as thinking up whimsical and witty concepts to accompany them. Most of the concepts I like to wrap into my artwork involves the ideas of love, existentialism, the material world, and various other philosophical ideas. Being a huge fan of fables, fantasy worlds, cartoons and cyberculture, I try to incorporate these ideas into my work as well.

However, throughout my entire life I have pursued just one interest, and I’ve gone to many great lengths to strengthen and solidify my pursuit in it.

Art has always been a serious ordeal for me, even when I was little – it is the key to my secret garden, my own little world in which I am the creator. As time passes by, I’ve continued to pursue art not as a hobby – but a career. I’ve taken multiple classes outside of school and even outside of the country. I’ve always tried to do my best, and I will continue doing so in order to pursue my goal of obtaining a Masters in Fine Arts.

I generally like to use pens and markers, something with a fine tip because I’m fairly detail-oriented. I enjoy doing graphic design and computer graphics. However, I’m also very interested in animation and comic designing. Although I enjoy using the computer as an art medium, I prefer to do my artwork my hand, without Wacom Tablets, and I enjoy inking in my artwork as well.

Additionally, I’ve enjoyed drawing with pencil and ink more than anything else and when scanning in my image into the computer, I try to better my skills in computer art and graphic design. Many art students are similar to me in that they also would love to see their dream of becoming a graphic novelist come true, but I’ve also tried to challenge myself by turning away from the normal animation styles of modern Japanese graphic novelists. My main challenge is to develop my own style – one I hope will take me far in the future. I’ve tried many times with success to draw my own comics and cartoons, and I’ve enjoyed taking part in projects to pursue my interests in animation. If given the chance and opportunity, I would love nothing more than to pursue my dream of becoming part of a graphic novel studio team.

Someday, I hope to be able to produce my own animation and graphic novels. (Thank you for reading through all of that!)


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  1. Oversizedchimp
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 13:13:23

    You go girl! I am excited to see what you come up with. This is Gina by the way. Ignore the Oversizedchimp name.


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