So taking a few days to write up all 58 pages of Fabulae Orsa and the majority of its layout and dialogue was a lot more work than I thought. I spent nearly 5 days on and off working on what to say, how the characters would look, etc. The thumbnails were harder than the dialogue, surprisingly.

Though I’m content with what I’ve come up with, I expected it to be only 30 pages, but it ended up to be almost 60. Hopefully, I’ll learn to tone it down some but if I can’t, I suppose it can’t be helped.

I’m trying to give myself a deadline and finish Fabulae by Aug. 22nd when classes start up again, so that’ll give me about 4 weeks to do 58 pages. Adding in a little eye candy and cover artwork for the story, I’d say starting on Sun. 24th, I’ll have to work on 3 pages per day. It seems fairly easy, but I hope I can fulfill it…

I’m already starting Xenophon’s character design, which I’m satisfied with (for now). I’ll have to draw up Phyrrus, Critias, and Hesperos next. They’re more major characters than any of the others, and it’ll give me plenty of opportunity to work on drawing males. Naturally, my next post will present these designs.

Also, since I’m having trouble sleeping, I’ve rewritten and posted the general plotlines of both Fabulae Orsa and Vitae Propositum, the latter of which has a shaky plotline and hasn’t been worked on as much, so I apologize!

But if interested, please feel free to read them! It’s a lot of material though, so be warned!