Fabulae Orsa


In the year 2520, the human species on planet Earth anticipated the explosion of a star very close to their home, the Sun. Although this catastrophe was unavoidable, the humans tried desperately to save themselves from impending doom. All the humans scurry to try and save themselves and find a way to save their families from the sun’s heat. But 2 years is too little of a time, and everyone gives up. Many kill themselves, many go nuts, and other just live their last 2 years to the fullest. Whatever they decide, their efforts were hopeless; but the harmful explosion of the sun caused a miracle that occurred near the end of 2522.

Though the sun star had indeed exploded, a nearly impossible event happened to the disintegrating planet known as Earth. It shielded its remaining inhabitants from the explosion by evolving into a mysterious crystallized form and a fortunate minority were saved. Three such crystal structures were formed and called the Scultura, each having their own names: Praeclarus Ager, Ephialtes, and Brillare Gemma. That doomsday was thereupon referred to as The Fall, and society moved on.

Fabulae Orsa takes place on the scultura Praeclarus Ager. A lot of the human population was now lost and most time was to be spent on recreating the world, and its inhabitants. Unfortunately, with no real ruler one power-hungry man rises, Heraclitus, takes the tyrannical throne of the unified world. Though a tyrant, he recreates the world in a manner of years, and everything is fine again with newfound technology and human adaptation to a new environment.

Through the people’s hard work, by the year 2550CE, the entire scultura of Praeclarus Ager was rebuilt with newfound minerals and their subsequent new technology. However, Heraclitus was not known to be a loving ruler at all. He is eventually overthrown by his own adviser, Critias, who reconstructs an entirely new government.

Critias decides that the Ruler of Praeclarus Ager will be chosen from the elite force, or the Vera Sapiens. He will be ruled by Reason, and will be known as the Vera Sapiens Reial, or King. He himself being an extremely intelligent man, claims himself as the first test subject of his new rule.

Following the king are the classes to this new government: Vera Sapiens, Velox Audiens, and the Ordinavi.

It works out splendidly, and 1 generation down the line, Xenophon becomes the new leader. Being the new most wisest, he is immediately trained to be the next leader. Though Xenophon is a good ruler, and many like him, he starts to learn of the other governments previous to his own, and starts formulating his own questions. What is the best government? What if there was no government at all? In addition, Xenophon also faces the new troubles between the Velox Audiens, or military branch, whose leader Phyrrus seems to be sparking a fire between the new leader’s rule and his own ambitions.


  • Based loosely on Plato’s ideal Kallipolis, where the Philosopher King rules over all.

  • Plato devoted much of the remainder of The Republic to a detailed discussion of five different kinds of government (and, by analogy, five different kinds of person), ranked in order from best to worst: Aristocracy, Timocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy, and Tyranny.
  • From the ideas of Plato’s idea society, where there are 3 classes : The Guardians, The Merchants, and the Peasants.

  • Rebirth and constant change are a common theme in the story!


  • Xenophon – The current ruler of Ager who starts to question his government, and the solidity of their established society.

  • Critias – The first Reial to ever rule Ager, he came up with the ideas on which their government is based. He’s Xenophon’s predecessor, and often gives Xenophon useful advice.

  • Melaina – Xenophon’s close friend, who is like a relative of his. They lived in the same house in their Inferus community Gate, Cassiopeia.

  • Xenia – After Xenophon becomes the Reial, his replacement in Hesperos’ household to fill up the vacancy in their living quarters was Xenia. She is in love with Andronikos, and has a hard time coping with their relationship, along with its complications.

  • Hesperos – The aged man who take care of the two girls in his household as their leader, and acts as a father figure. He is the head of Lapus, their household, and despite not being their blood relative, he really loves the girls as his own children, including Xenophon.

  • Andronikos – Xenia’s lover who is quick to point out the flaws of their society, and state his opinions on what should be done. He is quick to lash out at Xenophon.

  • Pyrrhus – The leader of the Praeclarus Ager militia, Velox Audiens, who suggests that Xenophon order them to attack the other two remaining scultura, as they are building up power and quickly becoming a threat to Praeclarus with their wealth and rising technology.

  • Heraclitus (not shown) – The previous tyrant who ran Praeclarus during its initial stages. He was eventually overthrown by Critias, who reinvented a new type of rule.

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