Project V.P.


  • To understand anything, you need to know it’s finality, or end.

    • Since there is nothing in the above list that implies how to achieve ultimate happiness, the concluding statement would be that there is nothing the in the real world that is capable of giving you ultimate happiness.
    • Therefore, “human happiness consists of god alone”. Human happiness is insatiable; it is an infinite desire.
    • What is the essence of happiness? It isn’t good itself because that is too broad of a idea, since what ‘ultimate good’ is isn’t even clear and never will be. Therefore, it must be to achieve the final end.
    • “Virtue is not the final end.”
    • “Knowledge presents incomplete happiness, but doesn’t lead to true happiness.” – Once you view the complete essence of happiness, you’ve reached the final end.
  • “Everyone desires happiness and seeks it in some fashion, and the quality of one’s life depends on the content of the happiness sought.” (But it’s impossible to find ultimate happiness.)
  • Do Human beings act for the sake of an end? If so, every action has a purpose or intention.
  • Why is a final end necessary for human action? Why must there be a “final end”? The fact that we act signifies that there is a final end, everyone strives for the same end because everything will ultimately lead to one end.
  • What is the “final end”? The end everyone and everything is trying to achieve through all their actions. If you understand human striving and actions, the ‘final end’ comes when you finally understand what life is all about.
  • “That which completely fulfills human striving is called the ‘final end’.” – Complete Satisfaction
  • What does happiness (“what which completely fulfills human striving”) consist of?
    • Wealth : Instrumental, as it is only a means to an end.
    • Honor & Glory : Signs of excellence, but they are only after-effects.
    • Power : Too shaky in terms of what is good power and bad power.
    • Goods of the body (health, beauty, strength, desire) : Means to an end
    • Pleasure : If you’re happy, then you are experiencing pleasure. However, just because you are in pleasure doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve achieved ultimate happiness.
    • A good of the soul (humanity itself) : Realizing yourself isn’t happiness. All humans yearn for the same thing.


  • “Ariston” aka. Thomas Friedrich (???, ??, Male) : Herla’s friend, a mysterious old man who often converses with him. He is more of a spectator, but may be more wise than Bernardo thinks. He is the one responsible for handing to Bernardo the Eudemonia chest. However, whether or not he knows the contents in the box is unknown.
  • Niccolo di Bernardo dei Giordano (Italian, 28, Male) : Infused with the desire to learn and achieve the ultimate end, Aris gathers certain people together to open the Chest of Eudemonia, which contains the final end, which he has concluded consists of god alone. He thinks that knowledge is ultimate power. However, since he can’t open Eudemonia by himself, he needs help.
  • Elizabeth Blackwell (American, 46, Female): Very wealthy billionaire, completely obsessed with wealth and riches. Surprisingly, she works as a assassin, the highest-paying job in the black market. She’d do anything for money, and various other goods. On the surface of society, she is just a widowed housewife with a lot of inheritance from her husband.
  • Sir Arthur Livingston-Edwards (British, 38, Male): After honor and glory, Arthur has been granted knighthood and is now a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE). However, he yearns for signs of excellence further and tries too hard for glory and honor.
  • Miyamoto Manami (Japanese, 22, Female) : A Shrine maiden, her name means “beautiful love at the base of the shrine”. However, she is also completely infatuated with pleasure and does various drugs while not under the watch of her grandfather. She smokes heavily and takes ectasy, and even though a shrine maiden, indulges herself in the world of drugs and sex. She doesn’t get along with her grandfather naturally, who tries to help her.
  • Mihael Gravois (???, 19, Male) : An orphan who was adopted in the United States when he was a infant. He is raised by his French parents, and grew up accordingly. His only known name is ‘Mihael’ and his origins are mysterious. He is definitely right when he has his doubts about Bernardo’s intentions for opening the Eudemonia for knowledge. In fact, he is the only one out of the bunch who really doesn’t want to open it.
  • Herla Alichino (???, ??, Female) : A jokester and mastermind. While joking and pretentious, she is the only one who knows everything about the Eudemonia. Only Ariston can figure her out, it seems. Everyone moves according to her plans.


  • Chapter 1: For unknown reasons, Ariston posesses a story that intrigues a passerby, Niccolo, who knows he is more than a musician on the streets. Ariston passes to him a key that hold the answer to his questions.
  • Chapter 2: Elizabeth
  • Chapter 3: Arthur
  • Chapter 4: Manami
  • Chapter 5: Mihael
  • Chapter 6: Unite (P.1)
  • Chapter 7: Unite (P.2)
  • Chapter 8: Conclusion (P.1)
  • Chapter 9: Conclusion (P.2)
  • Ending

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